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2016 NFL Draft: First Round Commentary and Open Thread

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

We are just ONE. . .HOUR. . .AWAY from the start of the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft! (And about four and a half hours or so from the Minnesota Vikings making their selection. . .in theory.) Thanks to everyone that's gotten their draft insights and information from us here at The Daily Norseman, but we're getting ready to bring you all of the information we can as we get it about who the Vikings are selecting.

The regular Open Thread rules still apply, and in addition. . .NO GIFs IN THIS THREAD!! We're probably going to have people coming from across the interwebs to get their information, and we don't need a million GIFs bogging things down. Seriously, if you want to go GIF crazy, go to the regular Open Thread.

The folks from the mothership have given us this handy pick tracker to follow along with the action. Check it out. . .is it not nifty?

In addition, we've got Eric at Winter Park to keep track of all of the action. There's a pretty good chance that he's going to be doing some sort of FaceBook Live update from Winter Park, which you'll be able to catch on our FaceBook page (and that we'll eventually embed here). For now, however, here is his Twitter feed.

And even though Arif is at Winter Park as a writer for one of the 27 other places he currently writes for, we'll include his insights here as well.

That should be enough to overload you with information going forward, eh? I'll also be tweeting away from the main Daily Norseman account (but I won't throw another widget in here), and may even throw in the occasional update.

Once our picks come in, we will have them on the front page of the site, in our 2016 Draft Section, and in the 2016 NFL Draft Stream we're using for our coverage this weekend. Also, if this Open Thread starts to bog down a bit, we will start another in the most expedient manner we can.

We've finally made it, everybody. Welcome to the 2016 NFL Draft! What are the Minnesota Vikings going to do? In mere hours, we'll all finally have the answer.