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Day Two: What I Expect To See

The Vikings addressed a big need on Thursday night. Friday is just as important.

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Going in to round one, the biggest need the Minnesota Vikings had was wide receiver, and they addressed that need by selecting Ol' Miss WR Laquon Treadwell, a pick almost universally praised at home and across the Internet.

But with the intrigue from last night spilling over into rounds two and three, the Vikings find themselves in a position to address some more needs, either along the offensive line, the defensive secondary, or make a move for guys that have had unexpected and precipitous falls. So, what should we be on the lookout for today? Let's take a look:

Multiple Directions: Yes, you can argue offensive line and safety need to be addressed, but with the talent that might be sitting there at pick 54, do you go best player available? I mean, look at some of the eye popping talent still on the board, and keep in mind this is just a sampling of what's available:

DT: A'Shawn Robinson, Jarran Reed, Andrew Billings, Maliek Collins

DE: Kevin Dodd, Jihad Ward, Kamalei Correa, Emmanuel Ogbah

LB: Myles Jack, Reggie Ragland, Joshua Perry, Su'a Cravens

CB: Mackensie Alexander, Kyle Fuller

WR: Michael Thomas, Braxton Miller, Sterling Shephard, Tyler Boyd

RB: Derrick Henry

QB: Christian Hackenberg, Connor Cook

S: T.J Green, Vonn Bell, Darian Thompson, Miles Killebrew

And as weird as the first round turned out to be, the second round is going to be just as nuts, as players like Jack, Robinson, Dodd, and Ragland weren't supposed to be here now. I expect a flurry of action as teams try to move up and get guys, and the Vikings could very well be one of those teams.

But if you believe Minnesota is still looking at safety--and all protestations to the contrary from Rick Spielman aside, I think they are, I have a feeling Minnesota will stand pat and let the smoke from the second round knife fights sort of clear up, and then make a targeted move for a guy like Green, Bell, or Thompson. But you could also talk me in to one of those three still being there at 54, and the Vikings staying put.

Jacked up? There is something with the knee of Myles Jack that is scaring the bejesus out of every NFL front office in the league, which means he's no longer a top five player. So, you have to ask yourself two questions about him now:

1) Does he really need microfracture surgery?

2) Can he come back and play at an elite level if he does?

If the answer is yes to question one, I bet he comes off the board for a lot of teams. But the Vikings have had this happen to one of their players before, a good one, and he came back and played well in the aftermath of that surgery. So they're one of the few teams that can say 'yeah, probably' with a fair amount of confidence to question two.

Back in January of 2013, C John Sullivan had microfracture surgery on his right knee, and came back to play at a high level in 2013 and 2014 before a back injury knocked him out of the 2015 season. Said Sullivan about the injury and procedure back then:

"Everybody associates (microfracture) with a lot of horror stories," Sullivan said. "The thinking is a little bit outdated. It's still obviously a serious surgery, but that stuff progresses fast."

Hmmm...when you add in the fact that Vikings trainer Eric Sugarman is so good at what he does that he pretty much invented a rehab program for former Vikings LB E.J. Henderson when he came back from a broken femur, you can talk me into the Vikings having more than a passing interest in Jack. And if they have more than a passing interest in him, you can also talk me into the belief that they will make a move--and a big one, if necessary--to go get him.

Either way, I think the Vikings know the seriousness of his injury as well as anyone in the league, and if they decide to take a pass on him, I'm trusting their judgement on this.

Prediction: I think day two for the Vikings all hinges on Myles Jack. I would almost bet my bottom dollar the Vikings have at least two day two battle plans. One is if Jack goes off the board early. If that happens, teams start trading to get Connor Cook and/or Christian Hackenberg, and the Vikings just let everything play out until pick 54, or maybe even move down depending on how the round develops. Oh, they might make a move, but it won't be a big one, I don't think, and they'll go defense and either grab a safety or a defensive lineman.

The other scenario is based on Jack continuing his slide, combined with the belief by the Vikings that his knee is worth gambling on. If Jack continues to drop three, four, maybe five more slots, and the Vikings think the knee is sound, Rick Spielman gets on the phone and starts wheeling and dealing.

Either way, it's going to be a wild ride. Buckle up.