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2016 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Makes The Pitch For Moritz Böhringer

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Every NFL Draft has a few moments that people wind up talking about for quite a while. On Saturday, leading up to the sixth rounds, fans of the Minnesota Vikings got such a moment.

The draft team from the NFL Network brought on Moritz Böhringer, the German wide receiver prospect, to the set in Chicago for an interview. They talked to him about his background in American football, and asked him who his favorite team was.

He told them that the Minnesota Vikings were his favorite team, and that they had paid more attention to him in the pre-draft process than any other.

Mike Mayock, the NFL Network's main draft analyst, then looked to the camera and made the case for the Vikings to draft Böhringer, and said that he knew coach Mike Zimmer. You can see that in the video above.

The kicker is that, during the ensuing commercial break, Zimmer actually called Mayock back, though nobody knows for sure what was said.

And, as we know by now, just a little while later, the Vikings did select Böhringer at #180 overall, a sixth-round selection.

What a great moment for Böhringer, a man that apparently found his passion for American football from watching Adrian Peterson highlight videos on YouTube. While Mayock probably didn't actually have anything to do with the selection, the way things played out was still pretty cool.