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2016 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 16-20

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Chris Trotman/Getty Images

It's time to finish out the Top 20 on our 2016 Daily Norseman Big Board in preparation for the 2016 NFL Draft. To catch everyone up on the voting so far, here is what we've seen go down.

Rank Player Position College
1 Laremy Tunsil OT Mississippi
2 Jalen Ramsey CB Florida State
3 Myles Jack LB UCLA
4 Laquon Treadwell WR Mississippi
5 Josh Doctson WR Texas Christian
6 Joey Bosa DE Ohio State
7 Ronnie Stanley OT Notre Dame
8 DeForest Buckner DE Oregon
9 Ezekiel Elliott RB Ohio State
10 Darron Lee LB Ohio State
11 Vernon Hargreaves CB Florida
12 Jack Conklin OT Michigan State
13 Andrew Billings DT Baylor
14 Shaq Lawson DE Clemson
15 Reggie Ragland LB Alabama

So, this moves us on to places 16 through 20 on our Big Board, and again, you're asking yourself this:

"If the Minnesota Vikings were on the clock in the 2016 NFL Draft and could choose from the following players, who would I want them to select?"

You can use whatever criteria you wish, whether it's the best fit for the Vikings or best player available or whatever else. The list of players that we're drawing from, which is the same list that we've used from the start and will continue to use going forward, is based on Dan Kadar's Big Board, which you can find right here.

The scoring system looks like this:

16th-place vote = 5 points
17th-place vote = 4 points
18th-place vote = 3 points
19th-place vote = 2 points
20th-place vote = 1 point

Also, there are hundreds of people that are making their preferences known in the formation of this big board. The fact that it doesn't come out exactly the way you'd like it to doesn't mean that people are "stupid" or "ignorant" or what have you. So, you know, stop declaring that people are stupid or ignorant or what have you.

With that, here are the players for this go-around. Declare, discuss, and/or defend in the comments below.