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Which Vikings Games Should The NFL Add To YouTube?

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Yesterday, the National Football League announced that they were going to be significantly ramping up their presence on YouTube, the premiere video streaming site on the internet. They announced that they were going to be doing things like making highlights available while games were still taking place, and that game times and other information would be more prominently displayed on Google search results.

More interesting. . .at least to me. . .is that the league has said that they are going to start uploading "classic" games to YouTube.

As part of the deal, the NFL will be uploading a number of classic games in full to YouTube. There will be three games for each of the NFL's 32 clubs, and the league is promising these will include "some of the most exciting games in NFL history."

With three games coming up for each NFL team, it stands to reason that we should ask. . .which three games from Minnesota Vikings history should appear on YouTube as part of this deal?

Here are my nominations. . .your mileage, as always, may vary.

14 December 1980 - Minnesota Vikings 28, Cleveland Browns 23

Yes, this was the original Miracle at the Met. There's already a condensed version of this game on YouTube, but we all know the story behind this one. The Vikings trailed the Browns by a score of 23-15 with five minutes left to play. Tommy Kramer then found Ahmad Rashad for a 12-yard touchdown pass to cut the score to 23-22. . .remember, no two-point conversion in those days. The Vikings got the football back at their own 20-yard line with no time outs left and just 14 seconds on the clock. Kramer then completed a pass to tight end Joe Senser, who lateraled the ball to running back Ted Brown. Brown got all the way to the Cleveland 46, going out of bounds with just five seconds remaining. Kramer then dropped back, lofted one to the right front corner of the end zone, and the ball found its way to Rashad again for a 46-yard touchdown pass and a division-clinching 28-23 victory for the Vikings.

9 January 1988 - Minnesota Vikings 36, San Francisco 49ers 24

This game came as part of the strike-shortened year of 1987. The Vikings went 8-4 when they had their regular players, but because they went 0-3 with the substitute (or "scab") players, they barely managed to sneak into the playoffs that season. After obliterating the New Orleans Saints on the first weekend of the playoffs, the Vikings went into San Francisco to take on the 13-2 Niners, who had demolished everything in their path for most of the season, and had won their final three regular season games by a combined score of 124-7. The Vikings weren't having any of that, though. . .they took a 20-3 lead into the locker room at halftime at Candlestick Park, and pounded the legendary Joe Montana so thoroughly that he was benched for the (not at that point) legendary Steve Young. Oh, and Anthony Carter may have had the greatest game a Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver has ever had.

28 December 1975 - Dallas Cowboys 17, Minnesota Vikings 14

Yes, I know exactly what you're thinking. "That game? That f'ing game!? The game where Drew Pearson pushed off and screwed what might have been the best team the Vikings ever fielded out of a chance at a title?

That's exactly why it's there.

See, the younger group might not be able to fully grasp sometimes exactly what it means to be a fan of this football team. The sole reason that this game is there is to remind them of it. Sometimes, folks need a reminder of  exactly why the fans that cheer for the Minnesota Vikings are the way they are. This game would forever serve as that reminder.

Those are my three nominations. What have you all got?