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U.S. Bank Stadium Puts On A Light Show

The new U.S. Bank Stadium is pretty damn spectacular. Even if you've only seen pictures of what's been done so far, you know what a massive improvement it's going to be over what the Minnesota Vikings had at the Metrodome.

Apparently, the team at U.S. Bank Stadium was testing the new lighting system last night, and a few folks managed to catch the light show on their cell phones.

The one video we can embed comes from Twitter user Jason Douglas, who you can follow on Twitter at. . .surprisingly enough. . .Jason Douglas. He appears to have caught things from some distance away.

As you'd probably expect, the team has their own version of things, complete with fancy music and everything.

While this sort of thing might be old hat at a lot of stadiums around the world now, it's still pretty cool knowing that the place that's going to house our favorite football team is going to be doing this sort of thing.

One tip for the lighting folks, though. Disable the green. It's not as though you're going to need it for anything.