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ESPN Names Alex Boone Vikings' Best Addition

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Since it's the offseason and, man, are things to talk about few and far between, we bring you this story from ESPN.

The four-letter asked all of their NFL bloggers who they thought the biggest addition to their team has been this offseason. Ben Goessling, ESPN's voice for the Minnesota Vikings, went with the free agent signing of guard Alex Boone as the purple's biggest offseason move.

Fixing the offensive line was the Vikings' No. 1 offseason priority, and Boone is a hulking guard with a touch of nastiness who should help Matt Kalil on the left side of the line and allow Brandon Fusco to move back to the right side. The Vikings think a big part of fixing their offense hinges on better line play; Boone will be an important piece of the effort to give Teddy Bridgewater more protection and Adrian Peterson more running room.

It's hard to argue that one. . .but I'm going to anyway.

If I had to pick one "biggest addition" for the Vikings this offseason, I would have to go with the guy that Boone is going to spend a lot of time listening to over the next couple of years, that being new offensive line coach Tony Sparano. Yes, Boone will shore things up at left guard and help things out along the line, he isn't the only new face along the offensive line this year, with the Vikings bringing in free agent Andre Smith and drafting Willie Beavers on the third day of this year's draft. The team will also see the returns. . .in some capacity. . .of John Sullivan and Phil Loadholt after losing both of them to injuries last preseason.

Whoever the Vikings put out there on the offensive line this season, it's going to be up to Sparano to get them to function as a unit. Jeff Davidson, who Zimmer inherited from the Leslie Frazier regime when he was hired as head coach in 2014, apparently was not able to do that to Zimmer's liking this past season. Sparano has a history of being able to fix offensive lines in short order, and if he can provide the same performance with the Vikings in 2016, it's going to do wonders for the Vikings' offense.

That's my thought on it anyway. Who do you think is the Vikings' biggest offseason addition?