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Anthony Barr Highlights USA Today Under-25 Team

Yes, it's an old picture, but it's still an awesome play to remember.
Yes, it's an old picture, but it's still an awesome play to remember.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason in the National Football League is the time for all sorts of "All-Whatever" teams, and the folks at USA Today have gotten into the act with the construction of their All-Under-25 team.

Unfortunately for fans of the Minnesota Vikings, only one member of their favorite team was named to the squad by writer Steven Ruiz. Ruiz tabbed Anthony Barr to be a part of the team's trio of linebackers, along with C.J. Mosley of the Baltimore Ravens and Kwon Alexander of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This group of linebackers will cover the entire the field. Kwon Alexander is a 21-year-old playmaker who will only get better as he learns to harness his limitless athleticism. Anthony Barr is just a freak. He can rusher the passer, stuff the run and drop into coverage. C.J. Mosley is the rock in the middle. Like most Alabama products, he just knows how to play football.

While only one member of the Vikings made the All-Under-25 team for USA Today, it's important to remember that the roster is stacked with all sorts of young talent. Here's a quick rundown of all of the Vikings' players that are 25 years of age or younger (not counting this year's rookies):

Danielle Hunter (21)
Stefon Diggs (22)
Teddy Bridgewater (23)
Trae Waynes (23)
Anthony Barr (24)
T.J. Clemmings (24)
Sharrif Floyd (24)
Anthony Harris (24)
Eric Kendricks (24)
MyCole Pruitt (24)
Jerick McKinnon (24)
Cordarrelle Patterson (25)
Xavier Rhodes (25)
Adam Thielen (25)

Sure, those aren't all of the team's 25-and-under players, but they're the more prominent ones. They're a big part of the reason why the future in Minnesota is as bright as it's been in a long time.