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Monday Open thread, Pt. 2

Let's roll this over into a second open thread!

Use the Force, Zim!
Use the Force, Zim!
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Seems like everyone is enjoying their post-draft Monday, so keep it up in Open Thread #2!

In what is a surprise to exactly negative ten people, the Vikings have picked up the fifth-year options of cornerback Xavier Rhodes and defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd. They have also held a seance to rid Winter Park of the bad juju apparently caused by this deal. #ReadtheTweet

Jerruh Jones wanted to overpay for Paxton Lynch, but Stephen Jones said "Not gonna happen."

The Rams wanted to use this draft to give new quarterback Jared Goff skill players to work with.

Alf Morris is excited for competition with Zeke Elliot.

It appears as though Trent Dilfer is joining the growing exodus from ESPN. It seems he will be joining the San Francisco 49ers organization in an as-yet unknown role.

The Packers are bringing in the sloppy German seconds from MoBo's old football team in Germany.

Peyton Manning will not be announcing games in 2016.