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Vikings Pick Up Options On Sharrif Floyd and Xavier Rhodes

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Since they were drafted in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd and cornerback Xavier Rhodes have shown themselves to be a vital part of the foundation of this young Minnesota Vikings team. Now, they're going to get one more year of guaranteed job security for their efforts.

On Monday, the Vikings picked up the fifth-year options on both Rhodes and Floyd, locking them into their roles in the Vikings' defense through the 2017 season.

Floyd was selected 23rd overall by the Vikings in that 2013 Draft, while Rhodes went just two picks later at #25 with the pick Minnesota got from Seattle in the Percy Harvin trade. Because of where they were selected, their fifth-year option figures are an average of the third through 25th-highest paid players at their respective positions. That means that in 2017, Floyd will have a salary of $6.757 million, while Rhodes will make $8.026 million that season.

While it seems unlikely that the Vikings would cut either Floyd or Rhodes, it's important to note. . .as always. . .that the fifth-year option salaries are only guaranteed in the case of injury. Similar to the case with Matt Kalil this past season, the Vikings could still cut either (or both) of them before the start of the 2017 league year and not be on the hook for any of their salary.

The Vikings declined the fifth-year option on wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, but they are keeping Floyd and Rhodes. We have a phrase for situations like this. Take it away, Mr. Loaf!