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What's The Most Embarrassing Vikings Jersey You Own?

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

As a part of the NFL offseason list-o-rama that we seem to get at this time every year, the folks over at USA Today's FTW! column have put together a listing of the most embarrassing jersey to own for each team.

For the Minnesota Vikings, they gave the nod to quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb was traded to the Vikings before the 2011 season after all of the issues surrounding the lockout were settled. Despite the Vikings having two young quarterbacks on the roster. . .Joe Webb, who had a fairly strong finish to the 2010 season, and #11 overall pick Christian Ponder. . .Leslie Frazier decided that he just had to have a "veteran" quarterback on his team.

McNabb never bothered to get into shape, apparently couldn't be bothered to learn much of the playbook. . .the playbook, reportedly, actually expanded when the Vikings eventually turned the reins over to Ponder. . .and overall was a disaster as Minnesota's quarterback. He was eventually demoted to third string and wound up being released before the end of the season. He managed just one victory as the Vikings' starting quarterback, a 34-10 win over the Arizona Cardinals that a) was highlighted by four Arizona turnovers and b) saw the Vikings score 28 points in the first quarter. . .and six points over the final three.

I'm not sure how many folks out there actually have a Donovan McNabb Vikings' jersey, to be honest. I wouldn't think that the number would be that large.

But, we're wondering what's the most embarrassing Minnesota Vikings' jersey you own. Personally, I don't think I have one that I'm particularly embarrassed by. . .yes, I do have a Greg Childs jersey hanging up in my closet, but I'm not embarrassed by it, per se. I was pulling for the guy to come back and everything, and I made a bet that he'd be able to do it. I was wrong. . .it happens. But at least it isn't a Donovan McNabb Vikings jersey, I guess.

How about you? Do you have a Vikings' jersey you're not necessarily proud of having?