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Teddy Bridgewater Gets A Birthday Invite

Once again, have to give credit to Adam Carlson over at The Viking Age for unearthing this one.

Six-year old Obadiah Gamble is a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings. How big? He's actually known as "Skolbadiah." That's how big. It appears that he's an even bigger fan of the Vikings' quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. Apparently, Oba. . .er, Skolbadiah has a birthday coming up, and he would really like Teddy to attend.

Now, when I was a kid, we would have had to put pen to paper and send a letter or card or whatever and hope it got to the right place. But today, kids don't have to do that.

Kids today have YouTube.

So, Skolbadiah is using the power of the internet to invite Teddy Bridgewater to his upcoming birthday party. Here's his video inviting Teddy to the party, and he throws the Minnesota Vikings' fight song in there for good measure.

Hopefully, Teddy will see the video somewhere. . .maybe even here. . .and make his way to the big bash.