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A Great Picture Of The U.S. Bank Stadium Turf

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

It appears that the majority of the turf installation at U.S. Bank Stadium has been completed, and we've got a pretty decent picture of it thanks to Imgur (and the folks at the /r/minnesotavikings group on Reddit).

Here it is, in all its glory.

U.S. Bank Stadium Turf

I've got to say, those purple end zones look pretty damn spectacular. It's significantly better than what the team had the last few years at the Metrodome with the more "natural" background. More purple on the field is not a bad thing, folks.

Gotta love that fresh-looking Norseman logo at midfield, too. Sure, it's probably going to fade over time, but for now. . .man, that's impressive looking.

The nice new turf at U.S. Bank Stadium, along with the rows and rows of purple seats, just makes for such a great visual. Even if this wasn't the new home of my favorite football team, I'd say that it looked awfully damn impressive.

It's hard to believe that, at this time about four years ago or so, we were just getting used to the idea that the Minnesota Vikings were getting a brand new stadium and wouldn't be departing the Great White North after all. Now, we're just a few months away from seeing the Vikings take to the new field and start defending their NFC North title.

I won't lie to you. . .things are pretty damn good for Vikings fans right now. Yep. . .pretty damn good.