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Adrian Peterson Expected To Attend Minnesota Vikings OTAs

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Starting tomorrow, the Minnesota Vikings will be taking part in their Organized Team Activities at Winter Park, and they're saying that their featured attraction is going to be in attendance.

Running back Adrian Peterson will, in fact, be at the Vikings' OTAs, according to Andrew Krammer of 1500 ESPN (among others). According to Krammer, Peterson's participation in these practices goes toward him earning a workout bonus of $250,000.

While this might not sound like such a big deal on the surface, it does give us an opportunity to remember where things stood a year ago. Peterson and his (idiot) agent, Ben Dogra, were still angry at the way things were handled with Peterson's off-field issues that year or the fact that the Vikings hadn't traded him anywhere or whatever outrageous outrage that Dogra insisted they were outraged about. Peterson had gone off on a gigantic Twitter rant about the whole thing and was going on about wanting a "secure future" going forward.

And then this happened.

And just a few days later, as if by magic, Peterson was back in Minnesota taking part in team activities.

Whose house? Zim's house.

With Peterson in the fold, it appears that the Vikings are looking at having 100% attendance at their OTAs they'll be having over the next few weeks. If there's any important news coming out of those OTAs, we'll have it here for you.