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Kyle Rudolph Throws Out First Pitch At Target Field

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

With apologies to our friends over at Twinkie Town, the Minnesota Twins have been nothing short of a tire fire within a flaming dumpster aboard the Titanic so far this season. They currently possess the worst record in baseball, and they don't appear to be turning things around any time soon.

Hopefully, this won't rub off on Minnesota Vikings' tight end Kyle Rudolph, who threw out the first pitch last night at Target Field before the Twins' contest against the Kansas City Royals. Leading up to the game, Rudolph put a bit of a cryptic announcement on social media about dropping some big news:

Well, the jersey he wore out to the mound wound up giving it away.

Yes, it turns out that Kyle and his wife Jordan are expecting twins. Announcing that you're expect twins at a Twins game? That's pretty good stuff right there.

Congratulations to the Rudolph family on their upcoming new additions. But, honestly, they might want to avoid Target Field for the rest of the season.