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"Hey, Teddy!" Now Has A Sequel

You know that young Obadiah Gamble got an opportunity to meet Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater a few days before his seventh birthday, which happens this weekend. He originally invited Teddy to his birthday party on Sunday, and though it doesn't appear as though he's going to be able to make that, Teddy did stop by the Gamble house for some one-on-one time with young Skolbadiah.

Now, we have a sequel to the video phenomenon that's sweeping the nation. . .or, at least, it ought to be. . .as the Gamble family has now posted a sequel to "Hey, Teddy!" on their YouTube channel. This time, the video stars the man himself.

Oh, and Teddy Bridgewater, too.

You've seen some of the stills from this already, but now you have an opportunity to see (and hear) it again.

Some people are probably wondering if we're going to get tired of featuring young Obadiah here. . .and the answer, quite simply, is no. No, we will not.