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Science! 3M Named Minnesota Vikings Official Science Partner

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

The new home of the Minnesota Vikings, U.S. Bank Stadium, is getting closer and closer to hosting events. According to the official website, the opening is just two months away. There have been a lot of companies that have come together in terms of sponsorships and other things to make this stadium happen, and one of them has been recognized with a unique honor.

3M, a company that has been a part of Minnesota for over a century, has been named the Official Science Partner of the Minnesota Vikings. Given the role that 3M has played in the construction of U.S. Bank Stadium, this isn't terribly surprising. . .I just don't know of how many other teams have "Official Science Partners," that's all.

Vikings fans will see 3M technology nearly everywhere they look inside the stadium - from the graphic films and DI-NOC Architectural finishes in concessions, to the Fluoroplastic ETFE on the clear, lightweight and self-cleaning roof constructed by Vector Foiltec with film manufactured from 3M Dyneon Fluoroplastic ETFE by NOWOFOL Kunststoffprodukte GmbH. Even during construction, 3M technology helped builders stay safe through personal safety products like eye wear, helmets and hearing protection. 3M fire barrier products will also protect the stadium for years to come.

Overall, according to the article from Sporttechie, over 50 3M products have gone into the creation of U.S. Bank Stadium. The partnership between the team and the company is a ten-year deal.