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More Than Words 2016 Kicks Off Wednesday!

Last year, during the run up to Training Camp, we worked in concert with several other Minnesota Vikings communities across the internet to bring you the "More Than Words" campaign. We worked with linebacker Chad Greenway and his Lead the Way Foundation in an effort to raise money for children in various hospitals around the Twin Cities area. While we came up short of the stated goal of funds we wanted to raise, we still did a lot of good for the children that have to make use of these facilities.

Now, we're getting geared up for the start of the 2016 version of the More Than Words campaign. . .and while it was awesome working with the Lead the Way Foundation last year, for this year's campaign we're moving to a different charity. Which one? We'll let you know when the campaign officially launches on Wednesday, 1 June.

Unlike last year, donations are not going to be made in the "name" of any particular site. . .all of the donations are going to be pooled together. In addition, people that donate to the campaign are going to be thrown into a drawing for all sorts of outstanding giveaways. We're talking stuff like t-shirts, jerseys, autographed game balls. . .even a pair of tickets to see the Vikings take on the Arizona Cardinals at U.S. Bank Stadium on 20 November! You'll receive one entry for every $10 you donate.

Once again, we have an overall goal for this year of raising $10,000 for our charity of choice. In addition to our site, we'll be working with the folks from Vikings TerritoryVikings CornerPurple FTW!, and Cold Omaha. . .and we may have even more partners before launch.

So get ready, ladies and gentlemen. . .we'll have all of the details for you right here on Wednesday!