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Minnesota Vikings' Offensive Line Gets. . .Praise?

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

We enjoy getting opinions from football experts across the internet and other places. For the most part, they know a heck of a lot more about a heck of a lot of things relating to football than we do. However, sometimes one of the experts says something that leaves you shaking your head a bit.

Enter: Shaun O'Hara of the NFL Network.

O'Hara set about the task of ranking his top five offensive lines in the National Football League. Here's the clip via social media.

Yes. . .he does, in fact, have the Minnesota Vikings as the fifth-best offensive line in the National Football League. The reasoning? Well, because Adrian Peterson ran for a lot of yards. That's why.

No, seriously, watch the video. That's the entire reason.

Look, I'm cautiously optimistic about the Vikings' offensive line for the 2016 season and waiting to see if the upgrades they've made will have an impact. The reason I'm cautiously optimistic is because, honestly, it couldn't get a whole lot worse than it was last season. There's no logical argument in favor of the Vikings having the fifth-best offensive line in the NFL based on last year. Hell, the only reason the Vikings' offensive line wasn't fifth-best in the NFC North last season is because the NFC North only has four teams.

While Peterson did, in fact, rack up a lot of yards, there's another side to offensive line play, and the Vikings were really atrocious at it last season.

So yes, the Vikings' offensive line should be better in 2016. Putting them in the top five as things stand right now is just way, way off, I think.