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Minnesota Vikings Won't Be Traveling Far In 2016

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In 2016, the Minnesota Vikings won't have many instances where they'll be traveling far from the friendly confines of the Twin Cities.

The folks from CBS Sports have tallied up all of the mileage that all of the NFL teams will be traveling this coming season, and the Vikings have one of the lowest mileage tallies in the league. According to their calculations, the Vikings will be traveling 11,638 miles this season. Only eight teams will accumulate fewer frequent flyer miles this season than the Vikings will.

Minnesota also doesn't have a single game that will see them travel more than 2,000 miles. Their longest road trip of the season, according to the folks at Distances From, is their trip to Jacksonville in Week 14. That one checks in at 1,193 miles.

In fact, here are all the road trips the Vikings will be making this year from longest to shortest. These are the one-way distances.

Jacksonville, Florida - 1,193 miles

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 984 miles

Charlotte, North Carolina - 940 miles

Washington, DC - 933 miles

Nashville, Tennessee - 698 miles

Detroit, Michigan - 543 miles

Chicago, Illinois - 355 miles

Green Bay/Appleton, Wisconsin - 244 miles

Not surprisingly, the teams logging the most mileage are all located on the West Coast. The Los Angeles Rams will be racking up the most mileage, as they'll be traveling 32,072 miles (including a trip to London). The Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks are second and third on the list, respectively.

The Vikings' total makes them the only team in the NFC North that will travel more than 10,000 miles this season. The Detroit Lions will end up with 9,536 air miles under their belts, the Green Bay Packers' total comes to 9,060, and the Chicago Bears will check in with 8,750 miles of travel this coming season.

Are you planning on traveling with the Vikings at all this season?