Football fans across the world!

Sometime next week I plan to put up a Fan Post about football in Europe, and what it really is about. This as something informative and hopefully interesting to read and learn more about in these football dry times.

But before that, and as a sort of preamble to my post, I would like to announce that this coming Saturday, June 4, one of the better teams in Europe, Swarco Raiders Tirol will play an exhibition game against the NCAA Div. III Elmhurst Bluejays, and that the game will be streamed live at

The game starts at 18:00 CET, which should be at 11 am CST, but I think the broadcast starts some 45 minutes prior the game.

I have no idea how the Swarco Raiders and the Bluejays will tackle this. But I guess they don't make this big of an effort for this game to take place, and then don't go all in. There should be a lot of prestige at stake here, one might think.

Swarco Raiders Tirol is a semi-professional team, and one of quite a few teams over here, that are working really hard trying to move on from our European amateur-ish football culture.

Among many things, in 2008 the Swarco Raiders Tirol and the Oakland Raiders started a partnership. Both sides share experiences and information on and off the field. The two team’s homepages feature articles and game previews and recaps about each other on a regular basis. And every summer The Oakland Raiders invite two to three Austrian coaches to training camp as part of the International Guest Coach Program.

RaidersTv is quite professional, and have English speaking commentators. Previously live streamed games use to be available to see for some time on their site. Currently the game between the Swarco Raiders and Moritz Böhringers Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns can be seen there. Unfortunately, the game isn't that exciting. It is noticeable that the Unicorns greatly miss their two top receivers Böhringer and Donahue, who just a few weeks before the game left to join the Vikings and (of all teams) the Packers.

Anyway, in the waiting to see some real football, this Saturday there are some semi-real football to see.


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