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Bud Grant Is Having Another Garage Sale

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It was almost exactly a year ago when legendary Minnesota Vikings head coach Bud Grant first appeared on the Twitter machine, much to the surprise of many. The main purpose of his joining the social media site was to promote the garage sale that he was going to be having. The sale was reported to be a huge success, with a lot of Vikings and non-Vikings stuff being sold.

As it turns out, Coach Grant must have an awfully big garage.

Yes, just two weeks from today, Coach Grant will be kicking off a three-day garage sale extravaganza. (I don't know if he's calling it an extravaganza or not. . .but I am.)

I'm assuming that Coach Grant's address hasn't changed, and that he's still at (according to what he himself put out on Twitter) 8134 Brookmere Road in Bloomington. Three days worth of potential buying and, according to the man himself, no "early birds." Nobody is going to be buying anything until Coach Grant says so.

So, if you somehow missed out on last year's big garage sale at the Grant residence, you're going to have a second chance at it! I'd be willing to wager that you'd be able to find something truly unique for the Vikings fan in your life. . .or for yourself. . .or for me. You know, whatever.