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Adrian Peterson Donating $100,000+ To Texas Flood Victims

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Three-time National Football League rushing champion Adrian Peterson is donating to the victims of the flooding in Texas, and you can help him out if you're so inclined.

Peterson has announced that he will be donating over $100,000 to families that have been affected by the flooding. His efforts are largely centered around his hometown of Palestine, Texas. I say "over $100,000" because Peterson's initial donation is going to be $100,000, and he's going to be matching donations from there.

The flooding has destroyed dozens of homes and killed six people, including one man who was a high school teammate of Peterson's.

The flooding shocked the town of roughly 19,000, which Peterson said hasn't been prone to floods in the past.

"My mom is over 50, and in her lifespan she's never seen a flood in Palestine," Peterson said. "That's what was so unusual about it. We've never had an issue with flooding. We've had heavy rains for days at a time, but nothing to this magnitude. For this to hit overnight, and the damage that it caused, it was devastating."

If you would like to donate to the efforts, there are a couple of different ways that you can do so. First, you can text "AP28" to 51555. That will give you a link with instructions on how to donate to the cause. Alternatively, you can go to The Salvation Army's website and donate there.

Here's hoping that Adrian Peterson has to donate a whole lot of his own money because of the generosity of folks out there.