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Video: Unofficial Sound Test At U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, is approximately 95% completed and is on track to get turned over to the team sometime in June, with events kicking off in the early part of August. Thanks to the folks on /r/minnesotavikings on Reddit, we bring you a video of an "unofficial" test of the acoustics inside of the new stadium.

There really isn't much to the video. . .just a bit of panning around the inside of the stadium while the music plays. . .but it does give you a feel for how things might sound inside the new stadium. And, seriously, look at all those rows of purple seats, would you? Absolutely glorious.

(One teeny, tiny little quibble/public service announcement: Turn your phones sideways, folks.)

The Metrodome had a reputation for being one of the loudest stadiums in professional sports. While some less intelligent fans of opposing teams swore it was because the team was piping noise in. . .allegations that were never actually, you know, proven or anything. . .the acoustics at the Metrodome were a big advantage for the Vikings over the years. During their years at the dome, the team compiled an overall record of 168-92 (a .646 winning percentage).

Judging from the limited data that we have in this video, it doesn't appear that U.S. Bank Stadium is going to have any issues matching the Metrodome in terms of amplifying the cheers of Vikings fans. We can't wait to see it live for the first time.