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Randy Moss Making Move To ESPN

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

There have been a lot of high-profile personnel moves at the big four-letter in Bristol recently. But this one comes as a pretty significant surprise.

Per The Big Lead, former Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver Cris Carter and former Baltimore Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis are out. Both had been a part of ESPN's NFL studio shows for a number of years.

Their replacements? Former Oakland Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson, former Seattle Seahawks (and Indianapolis Colts) quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. . .

And former Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver Randy Moss. Straight freakin' cash, homie.

Moss had been a part of the NFL coverage over at FOX Sports One for the past few years, and is now making the move to ESPN. He received pretty positive reviews for his role at FOX, and it isn't clear at the present time exactly what role he'll be filling at ESPN, though one would have to assume he's going to be part of the NFL Countdown studio show in some way.

I think it's pretty clear that Moss never got enough credit during his playing days for how smart he was. Sure, Vikings fans knew that he was an intelligent guy, but most of the Moss haters outside of the Twin Cities wouldn't dare acknowledge anything like that. You know, sort of the same way everyone outside of the Twin Cities painted him as a selfish jerk when he was doing more for children in the Twin Cities than any of his haters could accomplish in ten lifetimes.

Congratulations to Randy Moss on making the move to ESPN. Who knows. . .he might make it worth tuning your television to ESPN again.