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Pro Bowl Changing, You Still Don't Care

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Word is circulating that the annual NFL farce that's more commonly referred to as the Pro Bowl is going to be undergoing a couple of changes starting next season.

First off, the game is going to be relocating from Honolulu, Hawai'i to Orlando, Florida. This means that instead of playing the game in the decrepit and falling apart Aloha Stadium, the game will now be played in the also decrepit and also falling apart Citrus Bowl. I assume this is also going to mean there will be a marked increase in players dropping out of the contest, because let's face it. . .a trip to Orlando is a hell of a lot less interesting than a trip to Hawai'i.

The one real downside to this, in my opinion, is the fact that the NFL players won't be hanging out at Hickam AFB, which I know is something that the folks down there got a real kick out of.

In addition, the league appears to be abandoning the three-year "pick-up game" team selection format and going back to an AFC vs NFC match-up. No more "Team Irvin" or "Team Rice" or anything along those lines.

Hopefully, at some point, the league will realize that the Pro Bowl is a ridiculous practice that nobody cares about. If I had my choice, they'd bring back some sort of Skills Competition or the old Quarterback Challenge or something along those lines. I'd be significantly more interested in that than watching a game that not even the players can bring themselves to care about.