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U.S. Bank Stadium Unofficial Name Poll

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

I bet you thought I had forgotten about this, didn't you? Well. . .I did, but only for a bit. But, in any case, it's time for the poll to determine our unofficial nickname for the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, U.S. Bank Stadium.

The post went over 300 comments, though obviously not all of them were nominations. I've gone through and pulled a list of some of the most highly recommended names from the comment section. There were a lot of good names suggested, and the fact that we're picking a sort of unofficial one obviously doesn't bind everyone to one particular nickname for the NFL's best stadium.

Since this is a poll, everyone will only be able to vote once, and I don't think you can vote without being registered on the site. But, with that, the list of options is below, and the poll will be open for a week or so. If you need explanations of what some of the names mean, your best bet would be to reference the comments section of the original nomination post.

Have at it, ladies and gentlemen!