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Teddy Bridgewater Apparently Owns Jarvis Landry at Madden

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This probably doesn't seem like something particularly newsworthy. . .largely because it's not. . .but given today's events, I'm looking for damn near anything else to talk about, so here we are.

We've heard about the prowess of Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Teddy Bridgewater when it comes to the Madden NFL series. He's so prolific with it that he was using it as a tool to learn the offense after being drafted by the Vikings, and used EA's NCAA Football series to do the same with the offense at Louisville.

One of Teddy's friends, Miami Dolphins' wide receiver Jarvis Landry, apparently thinks he's pretty good at Madden and issued a challenge to Bridgewater via Twitter.

You'll note that Landry had the good sense to use the Vikings. . .because, seriously, why wouldn't you?

Well, apparently this has already happened in the past. From Bridgewater's response, it wasn't terribly favorable for Landry.

I know that Madden matchups can be quite intense. I'm guessing that both Bridgewater and Landry are both significantly better at the game than most of us. . .perhaps, if it happens again, they could use some sort of online streaming service to let the rest of us see how it's done.