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Harrison Smith Talks Playoffs, Bridgewater's Development

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Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the things I miss due to being located on the other side of the Atlantic, I think what I miss the most is satellite radio, and specifically having a channel that's completely devoted to the National Football League. Fortunately, there's the folks from SiriusXM NFL Radio have a page on Soundcloud that will allow me to get a little bit of a fix.

One of their recent uploads is this clip of an interview with Minnesota Vikings' safety Harrison Smith, hot on the heels of his new contract extension. Unfortunately, the clip isn't terribly long, but it's still a pretty interesting listen.

Smith is asked about how the Vikings are putting last year's playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks behind them. . .or not, as the case may be. He also talks about the development that he saw from quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from his first NFL season to his second.

You can check out the clip below. I wish there was somewhere that the full-length interviews were posted, but we take what we can get.