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More Than Words '16 Update: Slowing Down A Bit

I'm going to try to give out weekly updates on how our More Than Words campaign for 2016 is progressing, as we're now a month away from the end of this year's fundraising drive. Unfortunately, it appears we've hit a bit of a lull since last week's update.

We're now over 30% of the way to our goal of $10,000, as the counter is now sitting at $3,110. That's quite a slowdown from what we did right out of the gate, as we had raised $2,220 when we passed along the information last week.

Should I mention the prizes again? Sure, let's mention the prizes again. . .after all, they're pretty great.

-A jersey autographed by Adrian Peterson
-A game ball signed by Mike Zimmer that he will deliver to you himself
-A game ball signed by Anthony Barr
-The full collection of Mike Zimmer Foundation t-shirts in any size
-Two club-level tickets for the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium on 20 November

Remember, you get one entry into the drawing for these prizes for every $10 you donate to the cause, and there's still a chance that more prizes are going to be added as we get closer to the end of our campaign on 15 July. We don't have an exact date for when the drawing will happen yet, but it will be after the campaign closes out.

Once again, we're doing this to help The Mike Zimmer Foundation in their quest to help some kids that might have gotten a few bad breaks to achieve some of their goals and dreams.

So, if you have a couple of dollars to spare, want to help out the kids, and give yourself a chance to win some pretty cool stuff, hit up the Donation Page that Vikings Territory is hosting and chip in.

Thanks to everyone that has already donated, and thanks in advance to everyone that plans on doing so!