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Jabari Price Seeks To Raise Awareness Of Childhood Obesity

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Players across the National Football League have different ways of getting ready for Training Camp. Some players try to get themselves ready physically in different ways, while some take a last opportunity to relax before starting the rigors of an NFL season.

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Jabari Price plans to get ready for Training Camp by walking. A lot.

According to a story from Ben Goessling of ESPN, Price and his older brother, Dahrnaz Tigner, will be starting the "Walk of Hearts." The Walk of Hearts will see the brothers traveling from Pompano Beach, Florida, to Washington, D.C., a journey of 1,056 miles.

Every bit of it will be done on foot.

Price will go with Tigner for the first two weeks of the walk, and then leave so that he can finish his preparations for Training Camp in Mankato, while he will continue to rest of the journey. With the pair planning on walking approximately 30 miles a day, Price will log over 400 miles in his two weeks of traveling. The plan for them is to walk during the early hours of the morning when it's cool, spend the hottest part of the day raising awareness of the trip through social media and talking with local folks, and then resume walking when the temperatures drop during the evening.

So, how do the Vikings feel about Price doing all this walking?

"They want me to get it done, come back and get to work," Price said. "When I break off from Dahrnaz, I'll be coming back to Fort Lauderdale and training with my trainer. ... I think everything's going to be the same. Walking 30 miles and doing what I do every day, that doesn't add up. I feel like that's a little less demanding than what I do here. I'm not really too concerned about it -- it's like second nature for me. I'm ready for it, and I can't wait. I'm on my feet all day. It's nothing new for me."

If you'd like to contribute to the Walk of Hearts, they have a Go Fund Me page set up that they're using to raise donations. Hopefully they will eventually meet their goal and then some.