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Minnesota Vikings Release Bruce Gaston, Travis Lewis

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We're still about six weeks away from the start of Minnesota Vikings' Training Camp down in Mankato, but the team has a couple of openings on the roster after making a couple of moves today.

The team released both defensive tackle Bruce Gaston and linebacker Travis Lewis.

Lewis, who formerly played for the Detroit Lions, was signed by the Vikings shortly after the start of the free agency period back in March. He signed a one-year, $760,000 deal. He was thought to have had an opportunity to compete for a spot as a backup linebacker as well as play a role on special teams, but he apparently didn't make that much of an impression on the Minnesota coaches.

Gaston was signed by the Vikings on 31 May when the Vikings made the move to place B.J. Dubose on injured reserve following his ACL tear. The Vikings were his sixth NFL stop since entering the NFL in 2014, and he was thought to be a long shot to make the team with the talent the Vikings have on the defensive line anyway.

These moves put the Vikings at 88 players, which means we can probably expect to see an addition or two here in the near future. Once we get word on who those additions are, we'll pass the information along.