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Rock, Paper, Scissors Is Serious Business

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

One of the side stories of the Minnesota Vikings' recent mini-camp was an ongoing battle between between quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. It's a battle that requires tenacity, stamina, and a skill level possessed by few.

I'm speaking, of course, of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Or "Roshambo," depending on where you're from.

Some of the videos from the past week had shown the two combatants doing battle on the field after plays during practice. However, at the conclusion of mini-camp, they took the battle to the Vikings' locker room for the final showdown.

Couple of points about this:

-Someone wanna throw in a "paper" every once in a while? Seriously, it's "Rock, Paper, Scissors," not "Rock, Scissors."

-Teddy Bridgewater has been on this team for two-plus seasons now, and I think that's the most excited he's gotten over anything. Not that that's good or bad. . .I'm just saying is all.

I do hope that this chemistry that Bridgewater and Patterson are developing can carry over to the field in some way in 2016. The more options that this offense has, the better they'll be.