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Another Look At U.S. Bank Stadium

Given that we're in the early start of a six-week stretch where the Minnesota Vikings (hopefully) won't be making any news, we're looking for just about anything we can find right now to talk about. Why not something more on one of our favorite recent topics, U.S. Bank Stadium?

Some enterprising individual was out and about recently, and managed to get themselves some drone footage of the new home of Vikings football. It's right around sunset in the Twin Cities when this video is being filmed, but the stadium still looks pretty spectacular. Just imagine what it's going to look like when it's all lit up. . .should be very impressive.

The Vikings will get their opportunity to christen the stadium on 28 August when they host the San Diego Chargers in preseason action. There will be a few other events that will take place before that, but honestly. . .we all know that game against the Chargers and the regular season opener on 18 September are going to be the big ones.

Enjoy the view, ladies and gentlemen!