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Monday Open Thread: June 20, 2016

The longest part of the off-season has begun, come share in the misery.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Monday everyone! Well, the longest part of the off-season is upon us, and the Twins aren't helping pass the time. Too bad the Timberwolves aren't playing....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ......oh man, I laughed so hard I passed out. Where was I? Oh yeah, it's the boring time of the year and the Twins aren't helping matters any. Thank God for fishing.

Hey dads, happy belated Father's Day to all of you. I hope you all had a great father's day, I know I did. I ate this yesterday:

Prime rib on the smoker; believe it or not, it actually tasted better than it looks

Then, I had this for dessert.

Lemon cheesecake: once again, it tasted even better than it looks

Around the DN since our last open thread:

Despite the bleating by many who said the stadium would be finished late, it was actually finished early. U.S. Bank Stadium has opened for business. Thanks for the update, Ted!

Chris gives us insight into the serious business of rock, paper, scissors.

Wludford shares some off-season camp notes on T.J. Clemmingshe also has camp notes on Xavier Rhodes.

Chris let us know that the Family Feud episode starring Teddy Bridgewater will air on June 26.

Chris takes another look at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Chris shared the rumor that there may be two color rush schemes for the Vikings.

Here's a time lapse video of the U.S. Bank Stadium turf installation.

Vikings news from other sources:


Laquon Treadwell and Mackensie Alexander took in a Twins/Yankees game.

On the 6/17 Wobcast, Wobby gives us post-minicamp storylines to follow.

Chad Greenway's gridiron gallop 5K is a family affair, by Lindsey Young.

According to, Moritz Boehringer is already eager to get back to work.

From, Palestine TX held the 10th annual Adrian Peterson day.

Around the rest of the NFL:

From, Chuck Pagano has high expectations for Josh Ferguson. On a related note, I recall that Vikings fans had high hopes for Christian Ponder.

From Yahoo Sports, Jeff Fisher says that Jared Goff must earn the starting QB job. Completely average seems to be the status quo for Jeff Fisher. Maybe Goff can get there!

Also from Yahoo Sports, Von Miller says he won't play under the franchise tag.

Twins update:

Friday wasn't good, as Dean was lit up like the 4th of July, and the Twins lost 2-8. It was closer Saturday, as Nolasco pitched well, but Jepsen and Abad gave away the lead, and the Twins lost again 6-7. Yesterday, behind the arm of former Brave Ervin Santana and the bats of Dozier, Escobar, and Kepler, the Twins pulled one out over the weekend, as they beat the Yankees 7-4. I noticed that Jepsen didn't pitch in that one game the Twins won. Coincidence?

With that, we come to today's media selection. Here's one for Father's Day, some of my kind of music for you. Here's Red Sovine.

Again, we all know the rules, but in case someone is new:

-No discussion of politics or religion
-No feeding of the trolls
-Keep the bad language to a minimum (using the spoiler tags, if you must)
-Speaking of which, if discussing a newer show or movie, please use spoiler tags 
-No pictures that could potentially get someone fired or in serious trouble at their place of employment
-If you can't disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go away
-While navigating the open thread, just assume it's sarcasm

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up & tie one on. Don't forget to tip your waitress, & try the head cheese.