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More Than Words Update: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Thanks in large part to the folks from Fan HQ and their meet and greet with Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, the More Than Words campaign for 2016 is tantalizingly close to its $10,000 goal!

With all the money from the ticket sales for the event counted (since 100% of the purchase price of the tickets was counted towards the campaign), the donation meter for this year now sits at a whopping $8,060! That's 80% of the way to the goal. It's already more than was raised for last year's campaign. All in all, it's pretty freaking outstanding.

(By the way, if you're interested in attending the meet and greet, there are still some tickets left at the $69 level at the link above. That gets you an autograph, a picture with the coach, and an exclusive t-shirt.)

There is still plenty of room for donations between the current total and the $10,000 goal if you're interested in donating and getting in on an opportunity to win some outstanding prizes. If you're interested, you can hit up the Donations Page at Vikings Territory to donate to the Mike Zimmer Foundation. In light of the meet and greet event being after the original deadline of 15 July, the deadline for donations has been extended to 1 August.

Thanks to everyone that bought tickets to the event next month, and to everyone that's been a part of this campaign thus far. We're almost to the goal, but we can't slow down now!