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We Were Wrong About Teddy Bridgewater On Family Feud

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we passed along the date that Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was going to be a part of a team of NFL players that would be appearing on the new season of Celebrity Family Feud. This information came from the Twitter account of Detroit Lions' wide receiver Marvin Jones, who will be one of Bridgewater's teammates on the show. Jones said that the episode featuring the NFL players would be airing on 26 June, which was yesterday.

Well, yesterday there were, in fact, two episodes of Celebrity Family Feud that were aired. One featured the family of former American Idol contestant and country music star Kellie Pickler against the family of former N-Sync member Lance Bass. The other pitted the family of reality show star Nene Leakes against the family of former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson. As you can probably guess from that information, there were no football players involved in either episode.

That's because, apparently, Jones gave out incorrect information. . .and, by extension, so did we. For that, we apologize, and will now give you the correct date as verified by a couple of different media sources.

The two episodes of Celebrity Family Feud featuring NFL players will be airing this coming Sunday, 3 July, starting at 7:00 PM Central time. According to the listings, the first episode will be the one featuring Bridgewater and company, as the NFC Offense will battle the AFC Defense. That will be followed by the episode featuring a team of AFC offensive players taking on NFC defensive players.

Again, Teddy Bridgewater will be on Celebrity Family Feud this coming Sunday at 7:00 PM Central time. This appears to be the correct date, and hopefully we won't be here next Monday apologizing for getting it wrong again.