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Vikings Announce Public Address Speaker For US Bank Stadium

A Minnesota native is tapped

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A little while ago, the Minnesota Vikings announced that Alan Roach has been hired to be the Public Address Announcer for US Bank Stadium, and the Minnesota Vikings.

Roach is a native of Minnesota, has been a PA announcer for years, and brings an impressive resume home to Minnesota with him. He's worked for all the professional sports teams in Denver, and has worked numerous professional All Star and championship games, including multiple Super Bowls. If you think you might have heard the voice before, you have. Here's just a small sample of his work. Please, enjoy the soothing, dulcet tones of one Alan Roach:

In a neat twist, Roach grew up a fervent Vikings fan during the glory years of the Purple People Eaters. Although his introduction isn't included in this clip, he introduced Fran Tarkenton when St. Francis of Bloomington inducted Mick Tingelhoff in to the Hall of Fame last year:

That's a clip that brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat, and to know it was just as meaningful to the guy that introduced them is pretty cool:

Roach looked forward to every group trip during his youth to see the likes of Carl Eller, Jim Marshall, Alan Page, Fran Tarkenton and Chuck Foreman, not knowing that he'd one day interview Page on stage at a Hall of Fame ceremony or introduce Tarkenton in 2015 before the quarterback presented Mick Tingelhoff for enshrinement.

"Being able to introduce Fran Tarkenton, that did it for me," Roach said. "Fran and Mick kind of came as a combo the whole time."

So welcome home, Alan Roach, and congratulations on the new gig. Going to look forward to hearing you call out a lot of first downs and touchdowns for the Vikings in their new home.