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Judge To Rule On Sign Dispute By 24 June

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

The dispute between the Minnesota Vikings and Wells Fargo bank will be getting some clarification in the very near future.

The court case between the team and Wells Fargo will get a ruling by 24 June, according to Fox Sports.

In case you had forgotten what the dispute is about. the two banks came to an agreement on advertising for a couple of buildings near the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, which U.S. Bank. . .a Wells Fargo competitor. . .purchased the naming rights to for a pretty substantial sum. The logo for Wells Fargo is on the top of a couple of 17-story towers near the new facility, and the disagreement stems from the fact that the advertising is raised and illuminated rather than painted and flat.

The team is claiming that the logos amount to a giant "photo bomb" and a breach of their contract with Wells Fargo.

"Under the agreement, you would see nothing but the stadium the Vikings bargained and paid for," said Kevin Coan, an attorney for the team. He later added: "It was a very calculated decision to ignore the agreement and hope that the Vikings and the court would let it pass."

Ordinarily, there wouldn't be very many people that would see the offending signs. However, with the Vikings slated to have several prime time games at U.S. Bank Stadium this coming season, the number of blimp shots would make them more prominent.

This isn't the sort of thing that a lot of people are going to care about, but it's still connected to the team and their shiny new home.