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Where We Give U.S. Bank Stadium An Unofficial Name

The idea for this was submitted to me a little over a week ago, but in my infinite wisdom I managed to not post anything about it until now.

It has been brought to my attention, via both e-mail and through some of the comments sections, that some people seem to be really, really against the idea of referring to U.S. Bank Stadium as. . .well, U.S. Bank Stadium. Frankly, I'm just happy that the stadium isn't named for a company based in Los Angeles, because that would mean that the stadium and the team would be there as well, and that would suck. But, I suppose I can understand that sentiment.

So, being the trendsetters that we are, we're going to do what we can to give people an alternative way to refer to the NFL's best stadium. I could just throw out a bunch of names that came into my mind, but since most of the folks in our community are more creative than I am, I'm going to open it up to you.

We're going to do this in a manner similar to how we determined the seedings for our Greatest Viking of All Time Tournament we did a couple of years ago. So, here are the Rules of Engagement for this one.

-If you wish to nominate a particular name, please put Nominate - in the subject line, followed by your nomination. If you'd like, you can make the case for why you're making that particular nomination. Said nomination can be debated underneath that particular post. Basically, any post that's flush with the left-hand side of the comments section should be a nomination. Debate/discussion should fall under the nomination itself.

Also, before you make a nomination, please check the comments to make sure that someone hasn't nominated it already. It will make everything easier to track if we don't have multiple recommendations for the same idea. After all, maths are hard.

-In order to support a nomination, simply "Rec" the nomination of that particular name. That's it. By reccing. . .if that's an actual word. . .a particular nomination, you will have given it your support. Since there's no limit on recs, you can rec one suggestion or you can, as the meme says, REC ALL THE SUGGESTIONS. Totally up to you.

We'll give this a few days, and then we'll take the most popular choices and put them into a poll. When it comes to the poll, everyone will only be able to vote once (as that's the nature of the poll), so we can then come up with an unofficial name for the new home of the Minnesota Vikings.

So, have at it, ladies and gentlemen! What would you like to call the new U.S. Bank Stadium. . .other than U.S. Bank Stadium, I mean.