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Duron Carter Gets Ejected For Touchdown Celebration

In 2015, the Minnesota Vikings were one of a number of teams that had expressed interest in Canadian Football League receiver Duron Carter. While the Vikings did have a connection to him through his father, legendary Vikings' wide receiver Cris Carter, the younger Carter eventually wound up signing with the Indianapolis Colts. He spent the entire season on the Colts' practice squad, and returned to Canada after the season, signing with the Montreal Alouettes.

On Thursday night, Carter caught a touchdown pass against the Ottawa Redblacks, and proceeded to go crazy celebrating the score. . .to the point where he plowed over a coach on the Ottawa sideline. Not surprisingly, this touched off a bit of a brouhaha between the two sides, as you can see in the video above.

I'm really not sure why Carter felt that this was a good idea. He wasn't exactly sprinting by the time he got to the Ottawa coach, and could have easily avoided contact all together. I don't know enough about the CFL to know whether or not there was previous bad blood between the two teams, but this still seems a bit ridiculous.

Duron Carter has shown on two occasions that he couldn't hack it in the National Football League. With incidents like this, he likely isn't going to get a third opportunity.