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NFL Network: Minnesota Vikings Top Ten Plays Of 2015

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

I'd love to be able to embed the video here, but unfortunately I'm unable to do so. With that being the case, I want to direct your attention to the video that the NFL Network has put up highlighting what they feel were the Minnesota Vikings' Top Ten plays of the 2015 NFL season.

I might not be able to put the video up here, but I will throw in a bit of a spoiler and list what their choices were here. . .mostly for informational purposes, and also because there's one pretty glaring omission, in my opinion.

So, here are the Top Ten Minnesota Vikings' plays of 2015, according to the NFL Network.

10) Anthony Barr chasing down Tevin Coleman and forcing a fumble against Atlanta
9) Adam Thielen fake punt run against Green Bay
8) Adrian Peterson 80-yard touchdown run against Oakland
7) Teddy Bridgewater narrowly avoids a sack by flipping the ball to Peterson against Detroit
6) Bridgewater touchdown run against Chicago at home (the "Air Teddy" run)
5) Harrison Smith pick-six against the New York Giants
4) Bridgewater touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs against Chicago at home
3) Bridgewater touchdown pass to Diggs against Chicago on the road (tying touchdown)
2) Peterson 43-yard touchdown run against San Diego
1) Bridgewater to Diggs against Detroit (Diggs' first NFL touchdown)

The one really glaring omission is one that was my personal favorite play from the Vikings' 2015 season, that being Chad Greenway's 91-yard interception return for a score against the Chargers. I'm honestly not sure why that one didn't make the list. You could probably make an argument for Charles Johnson's big catch at Soldier Field that set up the winning field goal, too, but less of an argument than you could make for the Greenway interception.

What do you think, folks? What were some of your favorite plays of the Vikings' 2015 season?