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Vikings, Bears Get Caught Up In Pokemon Go

From the Chicago Bears Twitter account

Unless you're just getting back to planet Earth after a short stint on Mars or something, you've probably heard about Pokémon Go, the new mobile game that has swept over the country. The game involves integration with Google Maps that allows players to go out and "capture" the figures from the legendary Japanese card game.

It seems as though no one is exempt from getting caught up in this game, and from what we saw on the Twitter yesterday, it's even gotten NFL teams involved. . .including our Minnesota Vikings and one of their NFC North division rivals.

This all started when the Twitter account for the Chicago Bears put out this picture, lamenting that they had an off-color creature outside of Halas Hall.

Well, the Vikings weren't going to just let that slide, so they fired back in the best possible way.

I, personally, have not started playing this game yet, but I'm guessing I'll wind up doing so at some point. Have you gotten caught up in the Pokémon Go phenomenon yet?

(Credit goes to ESPN's Ben Goessling for having this one first.)