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Top 30 Vikings For 2016, 10-6

The top 30 countdown enters the top 10 as Ted Glover and Eric Thompson share their 6th-10th ranked Vikings of the 2016 season.

Diggs made both of our Top 10s. Not bad for a 5th rounder.
Diggs made both of our Top 10s. Not bad for a 5th rounder.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We roll on with our top 30 Vikings for 2016, and so far, we've only had a couple players ranked within the same five spot thread. I'm thinking we'll have more as we get into the top 10, because we're like geniuses and all that. So, in case you missed the first 20 picks you can do the following:

Go here to see 30-26, and also read our explanations as to how we came to our rankings.

25-21 are right here.

20-16 are here, and 15-11 are right here.

Here are the players we have ranked 10-6:

Ranking Ted Eric
10 Stefon Diggs, WR Teddy Bridgewater, QB
9 Anthony Barr, LB Stefon Diggs, WR
8 Everson Griffen, DE Eric Kendricks, LB
7 Matt Kalil, LT Xavier Rhodes, CB
6 Laquon Treadwell, WR Sharrif Floyd, DT


Ted: Stefon Diggs, WR. Diggs sort of appeared out of nowhere and gave the Vikings passing offense a playmaker it desperately needed. He averaged 104.7 yards per game receiving his first four games, but really tailed off at the end of the season, where his game average dropped to just 23.5 yards the last month of the season. If he can become more consistent, it will prove to be a boon for the Vikings offense. Having a guy opposite him that will keep defenses from keying on him will be key to that happening.

Eric: Teddy Bridgewater, QB. Teddy was immediately thrown into the deep end of the shark tank to start his career, and he's done more than just tread water out there so far. The numbers haven't really been there but the film shows plenty of promise. With an improved offensive line, more weapons at his disposal, and another year of experience, the excuses need to dry up. Bottom line: this team goes as far as Teddy in 2016. To survive the deep end of the playoff pool, he'll need to do more than just...Treadwell. (See what I did there)


Ted: Anthony Barr, LB. Barr, one of two first round picks in 2014, is a guy that's quickly become one of the best defensive players on a fast and aggressive defense. He's been nagged by injuries and has missed six games in his first two seasons, but there is no denying that he is a dynamic playmaker. Barr has quickly become one of the best linebackers in the NFL, and should only improve in 2016.

Stefon Diggs, WR. The fact that this guy was a fifth rounder last year is another example of how we still know very little when it comes to the NFL Draft. Diggs was drafted to compete for a return job and ended up being the team's best wide receiver. Could this finally be the year that a Vikings wideout is actually worth drafting early in fantasy football? Hopefully the rest of the receiving crew chips in a little more this season and compliments one of the offense's most versatile weapons.


Ted: Everson Griffen, DE. The Vikings defensive line may be anchored by Linval Joseph, but it's main havoc creator is Griffen. The former fourth round pick has emerged as one of the NFL's premier pass rushers, and made the transition from the Jared Allen era a seamless one. Griffen has become one of those guys you have to account for on every play, and will once again bring serious pressure from the edge.

Eric: Eric Kendricks, LB. The addition of Barr's Bruin Brother was exactly what the linebacking corps needed last year. Kendricks still has a lot to learn (especially with those pesky crossing routes) but there is so much for us to be excited about regarding his future. We could be looking at a starter and potential Pro Bowler for the better part of the next decade. Plus, he has an awesome first name.


Ted: Matt Kalil, T. It's make or break for Kalil in 2016. He's had one good year, one bad year, and one okay year. He says he's healthy, we know he has the talent to be an above average LT, and how Kalil goes will largely determine how the rest of the offensive line goes...and how the offense goes...and how far the Vikings go. Why do I have him so high, you ask? Because he plays the most important position on the offensive line, and if he returns to his rookie year form, the Vikings could be scary good. If he isn't, we'll see the passing game struggle...again.

Eric: Xavier Rhodes, CB. I think Rhodes is poised to become that shutdown corner we thought he might have turned into last season. (You know, as long as his own teammates don't destroy him again.) It's time for Xavier to take the next step and evolve from "Closing Rhodes" to becoming his own island. If all goes well, Rhodes could be looking at getting that "Smith money" in the form of an extension next offseason.


Ted: Laquon Treadwell, WR. This pick will be panned by everyone, and I can hear your complaints as I type this: He's a rookie, yet to play a game, Ted go look for Charmanders and Pikichus and leave the football to the keyboard warriors, he's not more important than Diggs...I get all that. BUT...hear me out. Remember I said earlier that Diggs needs a guy playing beside him on the outside to take pressure off of him? You agreed with that, right? of the keys to the Vikings offense will be the rookie WR from Ol' Miss, because they drafted him to be that guy. The Vikings passing attack needs some major improvement, and Treadwell will be one of the keys as to whether or not it does improve. I think he fits into the Vikings offense well, skill set wise, and with guys on the outside that are technically proficient and reliable, this should be a big year for Teddy Bridgewater. I see Treadwell playing a huge role in the offense this year, and for him and Bridgewater to get in sync early. They drafted him in the first round for a reason...and that reason is to make the Vikings passing game a complete one. So yeah, he's really, really important.

Eric: Sharrif Floyd, DT. (Note: I won't pan Ted putting Treadwell at #6, but I'll pan the hell out of him putting Kalil that high. But I digress.) When Sharrif is 100% healthy and locked in, he's one of the more disruptive defensive tackles in the league against both the run and pass. He and Linval Joseph are at the brink of becoming Williams Wall 2.0. If Floyd can be 100% healthy and locked in a little more often, he'll be joining Rhodes as the next young defenders to get P-A-I-D after his team option next season. I'm betting he'll get there.

OK, so we had one more match in our next batch of five players. But again, we gave some compelling arguments as to why we had certain players

Up next: our crème de la crème. The Top 5. Who will we have in the #1 slot? Stay tuned as our final installment of the Top 30 Vikings for 2016 concludes tomorrow morning.