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Epic DN Fan Photo Contest

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Thanks to Kodak Vikings for the idea, and to Admiral BigGun for doing all the work. I'm just sharing this to keep it on the front page.

This entire post is a copy of Admiral BigGun's fanpost, I just copied it over so it could be on the front page.

FIRST OFF: A special SKOL to Kodiakviking for his creative contest idea.

The Daily Norseman is now a decade old and has inspired fans from all over to join in and be a member of this special purple place on the interwebtubez. We Viking fans come from all over the world in all shapes sizes and colors.

We have different professions, hobbies and interests. The one thing we do have in common is the love of the Minnesota Vikings.

With this in mind we wish to welcome you to thee first eva:

Epic DN Photos of Vikings Fans

EPIC Daily Norseman PHOTOS of VIKINGS FANS Jersey Photo Contest

All you need to do to enter is to email a photograph of you in a Minnesota Vikings jersey for a chance to win.

The point is to make the photo entertaining and interesting. You don't have to show your face but you do need to make it interesting. With all of us all over the world we could and should have some fantastic entries. Top of Everest, Denali or Kilimanjaro. Weddings funerals and births. Nordic fiords, deserts, mountains, islands, oceans or forests. With the big walleye, huge white tail or elk (or for bonus points) bear. ;-) Even with the hot new boy/girlfriend/small farm animal(for packer fans), urchin, dog, cat or hamster. Your photo can be with Viking players, at games or even watching fights of the crew in the lot. All of these all acceptable.
The more unique, the better your chances.

1st Prize: (1) Minnesota Vikings Jersey (Player of your choice)*

2nd Prize: (1) Autographed Minnesota Vikings Mini-Helmet **

3rd Prize: (1) Bottle of Tailgate Master Grilling Spices ***


We reserve the right to add more prizes if people donate them.

Additional Prizes may be added too as the contest goes on (hey... i only have so much $$$ but other members may kick in to make this interesting) Note: Anyone wishing to donate prizes... please email biggun AT



cause we ain't really selling anything... other than Vikings fan epicness. This is a contest created by Vikings Fans ... for celebrating awesome Vikings Fans. NOTE: This contest is not sponsored by The Minnesota Vikings, the Daily Norseman or SBNation. They are just allowing us to post this here and shall be held un-sue-able (is that a word?).

2) You must be a registered member of the Daily Norseman to enter

(No worries about that. It's free, it's awesome, and you can sign up here)

3) The photo must be emailed the link below and include your "Daily Norseman username" & "DN Photo Contest" in the subject line.

EXAMPLE: Kodiakviking | DN Photo Contest


4) The photo must contain a Minnesota Vikings Jersey

It can be ANY Vikings jersey. Custom, current, old, new, just a Vikings jersey. 
Note: Any photos of Vikings jerseys being destroyed will get you kicked off my friends list. Seriously... don't be that guy. ;-)

5) You may only submit 1 photo / per username / per week

You may however submit as many photos as you wish during the duration of the contest, but only your last (3) most recently submitted photos will be eligible the contest.

6) Eligible photos will be displayed publicly

in a gallery at as they are submitted. Selected photos will be voted on by registered DN members in a play-off style format at the end of the NFL regular season. We will post those details as they happen.

All Members of DN, including front page writers (even Chris) are eligible. When was the last time that happened? 
(Please Note: I am excluding myself from the contest)



Pre-season submitting will end on September 10th 2016.

Final week submissions must reach us before midnight Jan 2nd, 2017.


Q: Do i have to have a jersey? I mean, I have a really cool photo of me with a Vikings T-Shirt / Outfit / Vehicle / Lunchbox, will that work?
A: Sorry, No. it can't be a Jersey Photo Contest if it doesn't contain at least one jersey. Hey... those are the rules.

Q: I have a photo with me in a Vikings jersey, but there are others that are not in Vikings jerseys, is that O.K.?
A: Yes... as long as there is someone in a Vikings jersey, you are good to go!

Q: Can I send a NSFW / nude photo for consideration?
A: No SkolTroll you cannot. For the rest of you, Open Thread type rules apply. All photos will be reviewed for content prior to posting to the public. Nudity will not gain you any special favors... or.. will it? ;-)

Here is the Small Print:

* donated by Admiral BigGun of (you will be contacted for player name if you win)
** donated by Admiral BigGun of (player is Vikings Alumni, name to be announced later)
***donated by Admiral BigGun of (ABG's secret spices - in a bottle - for free)
By submitting your photos, you acknowledge that they may be displayed publicly and/or used for promotional purposes.

Again.. if you want to donate prize(s) to the contest... you are welcome to do so, but it is certainly not a requirement. We may add prizes. I will give credit to anyone who donates in the comments above.

if you have questions... please post below and we will answer them.

We look forward to seeing your photos! Thank you Daily Norseman for 10 great years!