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Vikings, Chelsea Take Part In "Football vs Football" Challenge

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Big thanks to our SB Nation blog for all things Chelsea, We Ain't Got No History, for getting this one first.

The first event at U.S. Bank Stadium is set to take place on 3 August, when premier international football clubs Chelsea and AC Milan getting together in an International Champions Cup match at the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. In order to get into the spirit of things, the Vikings and Chelsea took part in a "football vs football" competition of sorts, and they got it all on video.

Things got underway with Stefon Diggs challenging Chelsea players to make one-handed catches. Diggs was kind enough to show their challengers from across the pond how it's done.

So, here's a look at the Chelsea players giving it a go, with midfielder Cesc Fabregas, goaltender Thibaut Courtois, and goaltender Asmir Begovic answering the call.

They did. . .okay, I suppose. The guy that was throwing them the ball wasn't exactly putting them in a position to succeed or anything, as far as I can see.

Fabregas then challenged members of the Vikings to juggle the ball like a professional would.

Fielding this one for the Vikings was kicker Blair Walsh.

Pretty enjoyable little distraction leading up to next month's contest, I think.