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Talking Vikings With Chicago Bears Review

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

My apologies for my scarcity the past couple of days. I'm back on the proper side of the Atlantic for some training and the jet lag has been kicking me in the face the past couple of days. But, I think I'm good to go here now, so let me bring you this.

On Saturday, I got the opportunity to sit down with our friend Larry D of Chicago Bears Review and talk about our favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings. It was a pretty enjoyable interview, as it generally is when we get a chance to talk with Larry. We took a look back at last season. . .yes, because we had to. . .and took a bit of a look forward to the 2016 season as well.

The podcast checks in at a little over an hour, so if you've got some time to kill, feel free to check it out.

Thanks for listening, everybody!