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U.S. Bank Stadium Bird Study Likely Coming Soon

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

During the debate in the Minnesota legislature leading up to the passage of the stadium bill, one of the phrases that folks adopted was "WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!?" This was because members of the legislature would constantly bring up children in connection with some of the plans that were being proposed. After passage, that quickly moved to "WHAT ABOUT THE BIRDS," because of the materials that were being used to construct the stadium. Apparently the clear look of the stadium was going to cause thousands. . .possibly millions. . .of birds to crash into it and meet an untimely death.

Based on a story from MPR News, it sounds like somebody might actually be looking out for the birds after all.

Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority chair Michele Kelm-Helgen said her agency is working to finalize a research proposal to satisfy concerns of the Audubon Society. The group and other bird-protection organizations are worried that massive glass panels on the $1.1 billion stadium's exterior will confuse and kill birds.

The study is likely going to be announced on 15 July, and could potentially lead to the stadium being retrofitted with a special sort of film that would cut down on the reflection from the stadium. Apparently the team is going to be working with the University of Minnesota to test various types of film sometime in the near future.

If you hadn’t heard about this previously and someone asks you about it, you can now inform them that you have, in fact, heard.