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U.S. Bank Stadium Vandalized By Rock-Throwing Idiot

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

The new home of Minnesota Vikings football, U.S. Bank Stadium, officially opened its doors this weekend with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and will host its first sporting event in a couple of weeks when soccer clubs Chelsea and A.C. Milan get together for a match at the new stadium.

Apparently, there are some people that still aren't happy about the new stadium. . .or they're just stupid, which is entirely possible.

Yes, some jackhole thought it would be a good idea to throw a rock through one of the glass panes on the outside of U.S. Bank Stadium. The damage is a hole large enough for a small person to get through, but there's another pane of glass behind it that will keep the stadium secure.

Unfortunately, according to the Star-Tribune, it's going to take somewhere from six to eight weeks to get the hole repaired, as the glass that was used is custom for the building. Hopefully, in the future, the team will have some spares on hand in case this happens again.

The incident that caused the broken window was caught by a security camera, so hopefully whoever was responsible will get what's coming to them. Seriously, I get that there are some people that might not be happy with the stadium being there or whatever, but destruction of property is still kind of illegal.

The hole should be fully repaired by the time that U.S. Bank Stadium makes its regular season debut on 18 September.