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Talking Vikings With Football Is America

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

A while back. . .and I do mean a while. . .I got an opportunity to sit down and talk with the good folks from the Football Is America podcast about our beloved Minnesota Vikings.

This is a part of what Football in America is calling "The Lost Episodes." They recorded a bunch of episodes with us back in June, and thanks to a technical snafu, they didn't get the chance to post them until now. So this was recorded about six weeks ago. Fortunately, with this being the offseason, pretty much nothing about the Vikings has changed since then. . .which, for those of us who are still getting used to the offseason for this team not being guano loco, is pretty nice.

I'm guessing that I'll be on with the folks from Football is America at some point during the season as well. They do a pretty great job, so feel free to check out their site and subscribe to their podcast if you do the podcast thing.

Enjoy, folks!